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Logo HQA Hidrologia i Qualitat de l'Aigua provides engineering, technical-legal consulting, drafting of study reports, project implementation and management of projects related to the entire water cycle.


Image: Water HQA is highly specialized in hydraulic and hydrologic systems and benefits from having a team of professionals with great expertise in these fields who possess the ability to propose solutions that are specific, effective and with end results that are guaranteed to be of high quality.

This specialization is what makes HQA one of the most competitive engineering firms in projects related to the entire water cycle.

Working directly with the experts

Image: Working directly with the experts HQA's customers are assured of fast and efficient service, with the direct involvement of experts of renowned prestige who contribute a high degree of quality to the projects and offer highly reliable results.

At HQA we believe in giving our customer direct access to the experts in order to find the best solutions for the engineering problems that are posed.

Our origins

HQA was founded in 2001 for the purpose of providing specialized services in the field of water engineering.

HQA's founding partners come from the field of hydraulic engineering. That is the case with INCLAM SA, a leading water resources consultancy and engineering firm with proven experience and success in both the domestic and international markets.