Kits and Accessories

Here is our range of mcblau product kits and accessories. The kits are cheaper than buying separately.


This kit consists of:
1 x MB-PACER + 1 x MB-HR09
Ideal for stress testing and training. Together with MCBLAU APP, it allows you to optimally manage your records.


Composed of;
1 x MB-HR09 + 1 x MB-M10 + 1 x bike mount for MB-M10
Allows you to monitor your training sessions. The records can be registered with MCBLAU APP.


This kit groups the main products for a complete workout.
1 x MB-PACER + 1 x MB-M10 + 1 x MB-HR09 + 1 x bike mount for MB-M10
All 3 devices can be used at the same time an also with MCBLAU APP.


Heart Rate elastic strap replacement for MB-HR09.

67-94 cm / 26.4"-37"
Colours: orange and black.